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Q.How big is a roll-off dumpster?
A.MAC Dumpsters offers three sizes of dumpsters. Our ten-yard dumpstermeasures twelve feet long, seven and a half feet wide, and about three and a half feet deep. Our fifteen yard dumpster is a bit longer, at fourteen feet long, seven and a half feet wide, and about four feet deep. Our twenty-yard dumpster measures the same: fourteen feet long and seven and a half feet wide, but it is a deeper dumpster, with sides about five and a half feet high. However, it is important to note that our driver will need an area of approximately eighty feet by ten feet to deliver and pick up the dumpster free of overhead power lines, tree limbs, or other obstructions. Also, if you plan to utilize the built-in door (and we think you should!), you'll need at least eight feet of space for the door's arc.
Q.What does the cost of a dumpster rental cover?
A.Prices for the dumpster rental includes delivery, pickup, and dumping of up to the allotted weight for each dumpster size. Our standard time span for rentals is up to seven days.
Q.What if I need the dumpster on site for longer than seven days?
A.No problem at all! Your rental can last as long as you need it to, with a $25/ day extension fee.
Q.How much can I put in the dumpster?
A.Dumpsters should only be filled level with the top of the can. In cases of dirt, concrete, asphalt, or tightly packed building materials, you may need to not fill the dumpster to the full volume. Each dumpster size comes with a specific tonnage (1 ton for 10 yards, 1.5 tons for 15 yards, 2 tons for 20 yds). Additional weight will be charged a prorated fee of $100/ton. Under no circumstances can a dumpster weigh in at over three tons for the safety of our drivers. If our driver comes for a pickup and needs to get in the dumpster to move or remove items prior to transport, there will be a repositioning fee, so be sure everything is below the rim!
Q.What can I put into the dumpster?
A.Our dumpsters are perfect for remodeling, cleaning out a house or room, or just sprucing up the yard and garden! Common items we see placed into our dumpsters are concrete, asphalt, lawn and garden debris, small furniture, flooring, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and small appliances.
Q.What is not allowed in the dumpster?
A.Not everything is able to be put in the dumpster. Items which we are not able to dispose of will not be accepted in the dumpsters. These items include hazardous waste, appliances with freon, large batteries, mattresses, paint, explosives or ammunition, fire extinguishers or other gas canisters, carcasses, and others as deemed necessary. We also ask that you not use the dumpster for regular household trash, as this goes to a different location than larger debris.
Q.Have a question not listed here?
A.Reach out to us, and your question and answer may end up here to help others!
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (410) 205-5330

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